Jan 21, 2022

‘Kibaki Is The Worst President We Had,’ Claims Poilitical Analyst Herman Manyora

Political analyst Professor Herman Manyora has claimed that former President Mwai Kibaki is the worst president that Kenya has ever had. 

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Professor Herman Manyora. Image/Youtube

While speaking in an interview on his Youtube channel, pointed out that the former president had the chance to unify Kenya but let it slide.

“I don’t rate Kibaki that highly. There is nothing Kibaki did. If there is anything for which I remember Kibaki, it is that we squandered the chance to unify this country and bury tribalism once and for all when he betrayed Raila,” he said. 

Manyora’s sentiments came after he was asked to compare how ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi compares with Kibaki as both are economists.

The analyst said both are not dramatic which is a quality that favours some politicians and may even spur Musalia’s quest to be president.

But Manyora also termed Kibaki as a better leader than Mudavadi. Although, he added that the third Kenyan president had his own flaws.

“History is fairer. History is objective. When history (of Kenyan presidents) is written, it will show that Kibaki is the worst President we had,” he said. 

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Despite Kibaki’s track record as president from 2002 to 2013, Manyora was quick to point out that what the former Othaya MP did was done by his predecessors and successor and can be done by any other person who will ascend to the country’s top seat.

He further claimed that the country needs a president who can turn the country around. Manyora, an admirer of ODM leader, added that the former PM can do that but he still holds his doubt.

“It was only Raila who could revolutionise the country but even he has melon-d a bit. If Raila had become president in 2007 this country would have been different,” said the Professor.

As twists and turns take centre stage in the political arena, the August 9 polls draw closer and Kenyans will decide on who the next ‘revolutionary leader’ as Manyora put it will be.  

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