Jan 20, 2022

Besides Reducing Cholesterol, Find Out Other Amazing Health Benefits Of The Lemon

Ideal during the changes of season, lemon is the master of the detox cure. Rich in vitamins, acidity regulators, antiseptic, there are so many good reasons to start a cure of this small citrus fruit with a tangy taste.

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No other fruit or vegetable can dethrone the king of detox. Lemon is one of the foods richest in vitamin C, an essential substance for your body. This citrus fruit contains natural elements that are good for the body such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

As a cure, it effectively eliminates toxins accumulated throughout winter, protects against infections, improves digestion and restores energy and vitality. In juice or essential oil, lemon gives vitality to your body.

1. An Energy Booster

It is essential to regain your strength if you want to spend a summer in good shape. The vitamin C contained in lemon contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. It stimulates the emunctory functions of the liver (which eliminate toxins due to fat accumulated in winter). Lemon facilitates the breakdown of fats and helps the body to eliminate them.

2. Vitamin C also plays an essential role in the development of bones, teeth and hair. It promotes wound healing and participates in the formation of red blood cells. A real ally that helps you burn fat and prepare your body for summer vacation.

3. A cocktail Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that fight against free radicals responsible for ageing cells. Rich in vitamin C, lemon juice is a powerful antioxidant.

4. Lemon has powerful antiseptic properties thanks to its content of flavonoids that help the body fight bacteria. It is therefore very useful in the fight against all kinds of infections such as colds, rhinitis and tonsillitis. Lemon is also effective in cases of the urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections.

5. An Alkaline Food

Acid- base balance is important for the health of your bones and organs. When your pH is low, your body becomes acidic, known as acidosis. This phenomenon weakens the body and contributes to making you sick. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure the acid- base balance of the body.

Contrary to popular belief, lemon is not an acidic food, but an alkaline food that contains high amounts of potassium and helps fight excessive acidity in the body. It converts citric acid into citrate, an essential buffer substance for the stomach. In addition, potassium is a wonderful mineral that prevents cardiovascular disease.

6. An anti- cholesterol

Before summer, a lemon cure helps regulate cholesterol levels that have risen during cold winter periods. The action of citrus fruit on the blood system is interesting since, thanks to flavonoids and limonoids (antioxidants), it can thin the blood and quickly improve the majority of hemorrhagic syndromes. It, therefore, helps the blood to clot better and thus prevent the arteries from creating clots, responsible for strokes.

How To Benefit From Lemon

1. In juice: Lemon should be consumed as soon as it is in a hurry to benefit from all its advantages and to prevent ascorbic acid (vitamin C) from oxidizing in contact with air.

2. As a cure: a glass of lemon juice once or twice a day for 2 weeks or simply add lemon to all your dishes. For the more adventurous, lemon juice can be consumed during a fasting period (one or two days maximum).

3. In essential oil: When diffused in the ambient air, it suppresses almost all microbes. Be careful, lemon essential oil is photosensitizing. Allow 8 hours to pass between application to the skin and exposure to the sun. You can find it in pharmacies and organic stores.

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