Jan 19, 2022

Use The Mushroom In This Special Ways For All These Health Benefits

Mushrooms are not just foods, but full of health benefits. Mushrooms contain vital chemical compositions that heal From the hair to the heart, mushrooms.

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1. An important source of vitamins and minerals

Mushrooms are thus an interesting source of vitamins, in particular B vitamins necessary for neuromuscular functioning and good skin condition. They are also one of the few foods that are an important source of vitamin D (very few foods contain it). This plays an important role in our bone health because it allows our body to fix calcium. In addition to preventing fractures or osteoporosis, vitamin D provides a protective effect against diabetes and certain cancers.

Finally, mushrooms are also very rich in phosphorus, an essential component of cell membranes and essential for the production of energy by the body.

2. A slimming asset!

According to the table, 100 grams of raw mushrooms provide us with only 30. 2 calories, which is very little. Plus, they' re 80- 90% water, so you can eat them without fear of weight gain.

In addition, eating mushrooms would give an impression of satiety which would prevent snacking– a benefit that would be sought in people on a diet and seeking to avoid snacking between meals! It is for this reason that mushrooms are very well known among followers of the " Mushroom Diet" .

3. A natural flavour enhancer

Mushrooms are low in sodium (which is a plus because it promotes high blood pressure) and are " naturally" tasty. You don' t even need to add salt!

4. They strengthen our immune system

Mushrooms are an important source of selenium or ergothioneine– which are antioxidants needed by our body. They make it possible, among other things, to strengthen the immune system and protect our cells against their damage– which can be the source of many chronic diseases.

5. They are good for the heart!

The selenium present in mushrooms also plays a protective role vis- à- vis cardiovascular diseases.

Low in fat or sodium, they also help control weight and reduce blood pressure.

6. They lower cholesterol

A study carried out on laboratory animals showed that mushrooms reduce blood cholesterol. Indeed, they contain a type of fibre that helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.

7. They are great for the health of our skin and hair!

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is good for the health of our skin and hair. And this is all the more the case concerning the mushroom. Indeed, the essential nutrients they contain (selenium, copper, biotin, niacin and riboflavin) specifically help to keep the skin and hair healthy and radiant.

8. An important role in the prevention of diabetes

Mushrooms have a low Glycemic Index, which implies why people with diabetes can eat mushrooms without fear of any effect on their blood glucose levels.

Mushrooms also offer other very useful benefits for people with diabetes. Since they are cholesterol- free and high in antioxidants, mushrooms may even help reduce the risk of heart disease, which is common in people with diabetes.

Finally, being a substantial source of potassium and being low in salt, mushrooms help keep blood pressure healthy.

9. Mushrooms and cancer prevention

City of Hope scientists was among the first researchers to study the possible link between mushroom consumption and the development of tumours.

These turn out to contain compounds that have been linked to reducing the risk of certain types of cancers. Indeed, compounds such as lectin and other unique proteins, glucans among others, have the potential to inhibit cancer formation as well as their growth.

Three studies have also shown that women who eat an average of one mushroom a day have half the risk of getting breast cancer than women who don' t eat mushrooms.

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