Jan 19, 2022

Any Of Thess Signs Before Age 45 Is Dangers Of Menopause, Use These Treatments To Stop It

Menopause is not a disease! It' s a very normal time in a woman' s life. Yet some women experience it as a relief and others as a calamity. It starts around 45 and ends ten years later. During this time, some women suffer from unpleasant disorders: hot flashes, weight gain, nervousness, sadness and so many other disorders.

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First, not all women are equal when it comes to menopause.

What then happens in a woman' s body?

In fact, in the body of women, around the age of fifty, a small revolution occurs.

Menopause is when your period stops altogether. It is effective when the woman has had no bleeding for at least a year. Before that, we talk about pre- menopause. This stop marks the end of the fertility period.

A postmenopausal woman no longer has any fertilizable eggs. The menstrual cycle, intended to drop an egg into the uterus each month that is likely to meet a sperm, is therefore no longer necessary. The intense hormonal ballet that organized this unchanging scenario every month is gradually calming down. And this is precisely the reason for the symptoms.

Estrogen and progesterone

During pre- menopause, it is the first progesterone that becomes scarce. It is to this decrease that we owe the irregularity of the rules. Then the estrogen in turn begins to dry up. It is to this second decrease that we owe the total cessation of periods.

The symptoms are caused first by sudden variations in hormone levels in the body (hot flashes, irritability, etc. ), then by their total drying up (dryness of the skin, vaginal dryness, loss of bone density, etc. ).

Plants, in particular, offer a very wide range of treatments.

Plants and herbs always prove the best when it comes to healing and eradicating diseases and ailments. Because plants are full of essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Symptoms Of The Menopause

1. Hot flashes.

To relieve hot flashes, you need to restore hormonal balance. There are plants that have hormonal activity. They are called " estrogen- like" .

I. Sage: it stimulates the activity of the ovaries and slows down excess sweat. It is recommended to take it in the form of a total powder capsule dosed at 300 mg, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Sage will be even more effective if you take these capsules with sweet clover tea: 2 pinches of flowering tops for 1 litre of boiling water, let steep for 5 minutes.

II. Hops: it also promotes the production of estrogen by the body. In infusion, count 15 g of leaves and bark for 1 litre of boiling water, let steep for 10 minutes. Drink three cups a day.

III. Soy: it is the plant richest in natural estrogens. It is enough to eat 60 g of sprouted soybeans every day for the symptoms to stop. It takes 15 days of treatment before you notice any effects. Responsible: the isoflavones which are present in very large quantities in this plant. You can eat soy salad with any meal, use soy flour or tofu in your cooking. You can also take it in the form of capsules (in pharmacies and drugstores).

2. Sadness and depression

If you are depressed, don' t wait too long to treat yourself. If you are depressed, don' t take chemical antidepressants right away. There is a very effective plant against these drops in psychic tone, accompanied by sadness, even despair.

I. St. John' s Wort: many studies, especially in the United States and Germany, have shown that this plant, when it is sufficiently concentrated in active ingredients, gives results comparable to those of chemical antidepressants, with fewer side effects. In case of simple depression, take 3 cups of infusion every day (20 g for one litre of boiling water, let infuse 10 minutes). In the event of real depression, you should consume more " muscular" extracts (capsules, hydroalcoholic extracts, etc. ) which are best absorbed under medical supervision.

3. Physical and mental fatigue

All these upheavals are enough to tire you out! Your body must put in the extra effort to cope and adapt. Added to this is mental fatigue in women who dread this period and feel diminished by the disappearance of periods. Here are the good vegetable weapons:

I. Rosemary: it is a weapon of choice against permanent fatigue. It is recommended to take it associated with fenugreek and fennel. Have a specialist pharmacist prepare capsules containing a mixture of plant powder, at a rate of 100 mg of rosemary, 100 mg of fennel and 150 mg of fenugreek per capsule. Then take 1 capsule before each meal.

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