GOD IS WONDERFUL! ! See What Happened To A Witch After Being Caught In A Prayer Warrior's House


Oct 2, 2021

A woman is in a very hot pot after being caught nak_ed at a neighbour' s homestead. The creepy looking suspected witch was caught in a vigilante in Sedze Village in Nyanga trying to deal with a local family member who is said to be a prayer warrior during last Saturday' s ungodly hours.

The witch namely Nyambuya, who was accompanied by her two- year- old nephew who was also in her birthday suit, reportedly had a bd luck after her target namely Memory Mahowa woke up in the midnight to come face- to- face with the unexpected visitor wandering around her homestead chanting.

Before everything could proceed, the saved woman had already searched for help from a self- confessed spiritual man called Madzibaba Stephen Nzira to protect her homestead from attackers of the underworld.

The spiritual man confirmed the incident by stating the caption below;

" They visited my shrine sometime this year seeking my assistance after they had encountered some spiritual problems. It was a clear case of witchcraft. I did not disclose to them that their neighbour was behind these strange happenings. I gave her some water to sprinkle around her house among other instructions. This was to act as a ' fireguard' from unwelcomed visitors like Nyambuya.

" When Nyambuya was trapped, she was in the company of her two- year- old nephew whom I believe was being initiated into the practice. The child also had some marks on her hand. " He said.

In a confession of the witch, she was heard begging for forgiveness and crying as she was seated on the ground with the young girl.

" People are praying. This place is holy. I am feeling hot. I am sorry about this. Please forgive me. My other colleagues have escaped. " She said.

Some villagers had their say about it

" We are still coming to terms with this scary occurrence. Yes, it is common for witches to operate this way, but we are wondering why would these witches recruit such a young and innocent child in their shenanigans. " Said Tendai Mandiranga.

The acting Chief called Saunyama also had his say about it.

" I am gathering details about what transpired during that fateful night. There are a lot of issues to be addressed here. This is an abomination. As soon as I get full details, I will summon this woman to my court. If found guilty, she is expected to pay a fine of not less than three beasts. She also faces banishment from my area. We have heard several cases of this nature before, but no kids were involved. What makes her case more complicated is that when she was trapped, she was in the company of a naked child. This is unacceptable. " He said

Another popular spiritual healer also said.

" That is pure witchcraft and this child was being initiated into witchcraft. It is very unfortunate and unacceptable that Nyambuya was determined to torment her neighbour. " Shingirai Mukotsanjera.

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