How to Find True Love: 10 Steps to Attract Love

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July 13, 2021

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. ‘When will I meet my soulmate’ is a question all of us have asked ourselves at some point in time. Searching for and finding genuine love is something that can change lives definitively.

How will you know what love is like and what exactly it is that you are experiencing! We have outlined below some foolproof ways of how to find true love. Follow these steps of love to identify your soulmate truly.

Conflicts On Finding True Love

To want to feel loved and wanted is an overpowering human emotion. It is present in all of us. Love is the elixir of life, and looking for the right person is but natural.

There are always cynics and those who have not been successful in love. Or those who question-  is love real?

A lot of people tend to give up on love very quickly. That is not how things are meant to be. The Universe brings two people together for a reason. It is never an accident. This holds for true love as well, whatever naysayers say about it all.

Even for those who do find the right person, there might be doubts and conflicts. Ever wonder how to know if it’s true love ?

The following checklist should ideally be accurate for both partners in a relationship to know the depth of love . These points are also true for remaining in love.

Your heart skips a beat every time you think of this person. You break into smiles recalling a conversation. This person is always available for you. You see your future with this person. You experience ranges of emotions related to this person, from extreme happiness to profound sadness. Both of you make efforts to make the other person happy and try to meet midway. There is a lot of giving and taking in your relationship. You share your feelings and emotions. The feeling of love liberates you rather than confining and restricting you.

Most of the above points would tell you what true love looks like. Read on to know the steps you might follow to lead to the true love of your life.

10 steps to find true love

The famous author Edgar Allan Poe once said, “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

This is the kind of overriding love that people wish to find in their lifetimes. And this is not something that is born of a writer’s imagination. True love happens all the time.

Here are a few basic steps towards preparing yourself to find that love. Go through them and find exactly the person your heart yearns for:

It is said that when you intend something, the Universe works to get it right for you. Why not set a goal for yourself in this matter! Affirm to yourself the intent of finding true love.

“Your thoughts become things.” Positive affirmation is like magic. Use your intent to move the forces in the Universe.

Believe that when you set your mind towards how to find true love, events will arrange themselves to your will.

Everyone looks for different things in a partner. Some like adventure, others like to settle down, while still others want security. Identifying what you want will help you find a true kind of love.

Many times we might be unclear as to exactly what we want, from life and love. Sit back and take some time clearing your mind. Once you know precisely the type of person whom you would like helps narrow down choices.

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Read anything on how to find true love, and there will be one thing in common – finding happiness within! Have you noticed how some people radiate happiness? They have an instant appeal. They are easier to love.

Imagine seeing a grumpy person day in and day out. Would you feel attracted to such a one? Or would a happy and smiling person pull you more?

“You become what you think about the most.” Laws of attraction work. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne speaks of exactly this.

When you are trying to find someone special, it is good to have a choice. You have preferences. Getting those matched on a dating app will help you find a partner that you will vibe with best.

“Will I find love on a dating app?” If this question many might have on their minds. There are a multitude of these that generally address needs as well as niche audiences.

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Love thyself, says everyone! Do it, and you will see the difference. Self-love will reflect in a way that will have people flocking to you. Instead of wondering how to find true love, you will see love finding you.

In all self-help and self-improvement manuals, this is a common theme. Anyone who doesn’t love oneself cannot expect to find love. Begin today and see the difference it makes.

While we speak about searching for love online, many would argue the opposite. That looking for love is about real people. For them, mingling and meeting people in the real world is how to find true love.

It is okay to hold such a view on finding true love. The world spreads itself out for those looking to move around and meet people. Embrace human contact, and somewhere there, you will find the one meant for you.

Your friends rub off on you, your thought process, and your choices. One among them could very well turn out to be the love of your life.

Friends are an important part of anyone’s life. It is only natural to find someone among your friend circle who feels like ‘you are the one for me.’

The bonds are so deep that there is a lot of comfort with a few such friends..’

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It is okay to feel low and begin losing hope after following all steps on how to find true love without results.

Have you started thinking along the lines, “ Will I Ever Find Love “? That is the last thing you should do. Keep the faith and remain optimistic that the best is yet to come.

“The Universe does everything it does with zero effort.” Rely on the power of positivity at all times. If not one step, then the next will indeed work.

Invest in a lot of faith in your search for true love. And you will find the one you are looking for.

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Frequently in your quest for how to find true love, we try to fit into a certain type. This ‘person’ is not who you are, is it? In your search for ‘who is my true love ,’ it is best to project yourself precisely as you are.

I have an identity of my own. I would naturally look for certain qualities in the one who is my love. This is true for all. Therefore, it is better to retain who you are and attract the one truly meant for you.

You may get too hung up on finding who is your true love. This is quite a common scenario among people. One would do better at such times to let destiny take over.

Getting too focused on how to find true love may take the narrative away from who you truly are. Having faith in what is destined works better at times.

Instead of wondering where to find love, believe that the one meant for you will come to you.

It has been rightly said that ‘love is a many-splendored thing.’ Finding your soulmate is actually a beautiful journey.

It can be said that the journey is more beautiful than the destination itself at times. Finding the right person is not always instant or successful at the first attempt.

There might be missed chances and false hopes on the way. Let these not deter your journey since they only make the whole experience enriching. The steps outlined on how to find true love will surely lead you to the one meant for you.

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