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May 18, 2021

What Are the 7 Stages of Marriage?

We tend to think of marriage as a block of time in our lives.  We get married.  This block of time begins, and we hope it continues running linearly until “death do us part.”
Most couples begin walking on the clouds and expect that this lovey-dovey phase should continue to persist all their lives. Many other couples might be more practical, yet when some unexpected challenges arise, they are taken aback.
Suddenly, the person you loved so much seems to be changing.
As and how time flies, the relationship appears to be undergoing a huge transformation. But, we are somewhere stuck in the blissful nostalgia of the honeymoon phase and compare every change in the present with the past. This leads to further disappointment.
But marriage is not one compartmentalized segment of our lives.  There are distinct stages of marriage, which each couple passes through from the beginning until the end.
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The 7 stages of marriage
The following are listed the seven stages of marriage.
Learning about these stages will help you understand the journey of marriage , right from the beginning till the very end.
Understanding these seven stages in detail can help you enjoy the beauty of your relationship in every phase of your life as well as help you anticipate the challenges well in advance. This way, you would be better prepared as you would know what to expect!
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