Does Milk And Malt Really Give Blood And Add Weight? Check This Out

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May 13, 2021

People have been asking questions if taking malt and milk can give blood, the answer is yes. People decide to have more blood in their systems for lots of reasons, not just because it feels good to have lots of blood but sometimes it involves medical purposes. Below are some reasons;

Reasons why people need more blood

*Surgical operation

*Child birth




*emergency accident.

*cuts etc.

How does milk and malt give blood?

1. Based On History

In the past years, I noticed that anybody that go to the hospital for blood donation or shortage of blood is to mix malt and milk together and the person gets relieved instantly and the blood content would begin to increase gradually.

2. Calcium

Milk contains calcium and the main function of calcium is strengthening bones and give strong good teeth with more production of blood through the bone marrow since that is where blood is produced and the calcium contents in milk helps more.

3. Iron

Malt contain some enzymes that helps in the secretion of blood in the bone marrow and also helps in the circulation of blood from the heart to other part of the body. Therefore drinking malt and milk is advisable to for formation of blood, even a little baby that you feel is malnourished can take it.

4. Protein

We all know that protein builds the body and repairs worn out tissues. These protein foods also help in the secretion of blood from the body which helps to recover or restore ost blood.

5. For Weight Gain

Some people have claimed that taking a mixture of milk and making can be used as weight gain remedy because it gives blood.

Now that the question has been answered and broken down, if you want to gain weight or acquire more blood in your system, give this simple mixture a try.

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