Four Renowned Celebrity And Their Last Words Before They Died

Daniel Ndiwa

Feb 3, 2021

It always seems that someone could predict their own death but we tend to get it when it is too late. However, it is also hard for everyone to accept the bitter truth about a death of a loved one.

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When a person dies, he or she mostly leaves his missions incomplete and might choose to leave us with something that will always ring in our minds.

Most celebrities have died and most people are always curious to get to know what they said on their death bed. Well here are some of the words of those celebrities who died mysteriously.

photo courtesy, Paul Walker

Paul walker, starring in the famous fast and furious movie was a favourite to many people in the whole world. He died in a Porsche car in a passenger seat and he was being driven by his friend. His friend crashed into a tree and caught fire instantly. It was driven at a speed of about 85 miles per hour. According to the family members, his last words were, ' ' I will come back later' '

The late Princess Diana, Photo Courtesy

One of the most famous person of all time was the late Princess Diana who died at a tender age of 36. It is not clear of what she said during her death. However, some said that the driver was drunk while some said the driver was driving away from the paparazzi photographers. Nonetheless, others said it was a plot to assassinate the princess. As Princess Diana was pulled out of the car, she was conscious and when in an ambulance she said, ' ' Gosh, what is going on! I have stopped breathing' ' Princess Diana died later in hospital due to internal injuries.

The late Michael Jackson, Photo courtesy

The most famous musician of all time was Michael Jackson without any doubt. He was a successful pop musician who won 15 Grammy awards. It is believed that no one has ever got to receive much more than Michael Jackson' s success. Michael died in his palace in Los Angeles after his heart stopped working. According to his personal doctor, Michaels words were, ' ' Michael will die, please give him some milk. ' '

' ' wow, wow, wow, ' ' These are the last words of the Apple founder, Steve Jobs. Steve died in the presence of his family members. No one is certain as to why he chose those as his last words. We could just conclude that he died a happy man. Steve was one of the most known people all over the world. Nonetheless, Steve will always be remembered as the father of technology and also a great speaker.

By Daniel Ndiwa