Nigerians Mock Deeper Life Bible Church Over Television Ban - Should Churches Be Ridiculed?

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July 14, 2020

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Nigerians on Twitter are currently talking about the Deeper Life Bible Church. For many, they do not have anything good to say about the church. It all started with a Twitter user @BiyiThePlug who shared his opinion about how Deeper Life members were forbidden from watching TV but are now watching TV today. 

He tweeted: "Most members of Deeper Life now have DSTV/GOTV in their homes, It’s no longer a sin. They are even watching big brother Naija sef. Probably they’ve received the newly edited version of the Bible from delivery man."

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Deeper Life was founded by W.F Kumuyi in the mid-1970s. It came with a puritanical brand of Christianity forbidding people from doing a lot of things. Women were especially told not to wear makeup or jewellry. Women were told not to wear trousers. They couldn't dress their hair in certain conventional ways because doing that was sinful and could lead them to hell.

The last straw for a lot of people was that members were forbidden from owning and watching television because of the raunchy content that was shown on it. Being a Deeper Life member means that you are living a spartan and regimented lifestyle. It means you are asocial and antisocial. 

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However, as @BiyiThePlug said, Deeper Life members are now allowed to watch television. In fact, they broadcast the messages of the founder, WF Kumuyi via the satellite and the internet. What has changed between the 1970s and today?

The comments many are making about the church are extremely ridiculing. Everyone says members of the church are opinionated and sanctimonious. They say Deeper Life members are argumentative are very vindictive. 

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Do you agree with what people are saying about Deeper Life Bible Church? Have you had any experience with any Deeper Life member or pastor? Are you a Deeper Life member and you will like to set the facts straight? Share your thoughts in the comment.

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