How To Tell The Difference Between Love Vs. Infatuation

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July 1, 2020

When you love someone, your feelings for them manifest themselves in the things you that do every single day of the week to try and make their life better. 

 Infatuation is the first step on the road to loving someone, but you may or may not end up making it all the way down that path. And staying in love is hard work. It's more than just thinking someone's got a dope body or a killer smile.

If you want to know if the man in your life is falling in love with you, here are some things to look for, straight from the horses' mouths!

Here are 7 ways men on Reddit explained the how they tell difference between love vs. lust.

1. If it's love, he sees you as an extension of himself.

"Infatuation is an emotion, a state of being absorbed by another person. Love is an action, a choice to put someone before yourself and see yourself as part of a whole with them. To be in love is for both people to make this choice." – Benny, 40

2. If it's infatuation, it's a starting point that may or may not reach its destination.

"Infatuation is the beginning man. Infatuation leads to love. But not always. Love is built patiently. It is not instant. Infatuation is instant. You can't call it love." – Ken, 28


3. If it's love, he's making a conscious decision to love you.

"My view of love is that it's a choice you make to commit yourself to caring for someone and pursuing their best interests. If it's not something you're choosing to do, it's not love." – Yez, 31

4. If it's infatuation, he ignores your flaws... for now.

"Usually, when someone is infatuated with another person, they will look for excuses to justify behaviors and character traits they wouldn't tolerate with others." – Matt, 25

5. If it's love, he recognizes your flaws... and embraces them.

"Love is when you care, respect, and think the world of someone, while also taking into account that they are a human being, for better or worse." – Issac, 34

6. If it's infatuation, he's still all about himself.

"Infatuation is something you can feel (and it does not last). Love is something you give." – Hanson, 27

7. If It's love, it's real.

"One [is] based on reality. The other, pure fantasy. One, makes your heart grow bigger, the other, your pen*s." – Reign, 25

By Aba Brew