8 Reasons Why Ladies Cheat On Men


July 1, 2020

Normally, females step out on a committed partner for one or more of the following reasons: They are lonly. A number of factors result to women getting extremely lonely. Such factors leads to most of them ending up seeking solace in other men to fill the void. If you are out as a man working for long hours or travel most frequently whether on business trips or not, chances are high that your woman will definitely be feeling lonely. If you as a man is emotionally unavailable for your spouse, chances are also high that she will seek consolation elsewhere.

They feel ignored A woman will feel ignored if her opinions are always being disregarded by her primary partner. Such feeling results to most women seeking external situations that will confirms them for who they are, rather than the services they perform. Jealousy Study has it that women with gorgeous husbands boost their confidence by getting another man into bed. This is to prove their egoism that they are a head-turner too, and makes them feel much more confident. They are intimately starved Women tend to feel valued more through emotional interplay with their partner rather than being perceived as s3x objects.

They want to have fun together with their partner, engage in talking, and build social life and a home together. When they don’t feel that type of connection from their partner, they may seek it elsewhere. Unhappiness in their relationship Many women whose s3x lives have reduced feel like their partners don’t love them anymore, or find them s3xually unattractive.They will seek comfort in the arms of other men, to feel loved and appreciated again. They are s3xually starved There is a societal fallacy that only men enjoy s3x.

Well, majority of women do value and enjoy s3x, and if they’re not getting it at home, or it’s not enjoyable to them, for whatever reason, they may start seeking it elsewhere. Replacement A shocking good number of women admitted to cheating to find their next partner so they wouldn’t be single when they left their present partner. Serving a last warning to their partner Some women step out on their primary partners as a last warning to, particularly if they are refusing to do something, or make a change.

By News24