How To Have A Long Term Relationship That Lasts

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Jun 26, 2020

A long term relationship may seem romantic and inspiring, but is it really easy to achieve?

Almost every relationship has the potential to become a long relationship that can fill your life with happiness.

But it takes the unconditional effort of two unique individuals who truly love each other to create a magical fantasy called a happy long term relationship.

Use these five steps to create a long term relationship out of your budding romance.

#1 Build your compatibility

Falling in love may seem spontaneous, but as the relationship grows, you’d start to realize that the spontaneous love starts to flicker and transition into a mature love that’s based on understanding and compatibility. Can you really live with each other? You may have different perspectives and interests, but can you find a way to bring them all under one roof and still live happily?

#2 Never let frustrations and hatred build up

Frustrations always build up slowly. What starts off as a little nagging thought slowly builds up over time into hatred and anger. But if you let things build up in your head, your partner would never understand the things that really bother you, until the day you burst out in a rage.

Help you partner understand you better by talking about anything that bothers you, even if it seems trivial at first.

#3 Be truthful and frank with each other

If you want to know how to have a long term relationship, you need to learn to be truthful with each other, be it about a nagging irritation etc

When you’re truthful, it’ll help your partner understand you better and know you better as a person.]

#4 Think “we” not “I”

Do you think of your partner each time you’re invited to a party or have to plan an evening? When you’re a couple that’s truly in love with each other, you should think like a couple and keep your partner’s interests in mind just as much as you care about your own interests.

#5 Avoid insecurities

Insecurities crop up when there are doubts. Doubts arise when there are miscommunications and half-truths. Long term relationships are built on truth and trust.

Learn to avoid insecurities by being truthful with each other and helping your partner understand you better.

By Aba Brew