My Aunt Made Me Sleep With Dogs And I Cant Stop - Lady Confesses

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Jun 24, 2020

A lady has shared a story of how her aunt introduced her to dog s3x and the urge to have s3x with a dog anything she sees one.

In an anonymous Facebook post, the lady narrated how her mother’s sister introduced her to drugs and bestiality. In a long write up, she narrated how her aunt used to take care of her, introduced her to drugs and weed.

She continued to say that she was smoking weed with her aunt one day when she asked if she wanted to do something crazy.

 “I asked her how? She locked the whole house and brought the dog inside, she put weed in the dog’s mouth and some other white tablet, I was shocked when the dog was erected, she bent me down doggy position and I enjoyed it, I cried and bled but it was sweet. We did it a few more times until she stole my mum’s money and she got sacked”. She narrated.

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By Prudy Doe