Overcoming Emotional Trauma of Adultery

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Jun 20, 2020

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Marriage is one of the most sacred bonds that we humans have formed over time. It is a bond built on trust and faith. Marriage throughout history has served as the epitome of love . It is truly a very special union which has no parallel.

However, despite the strength of this relationship , there is something that can cause this special bond to crack and fall apart. That something has been given the title of adultery. Adultery is an act that has a lasting impact on both the perpetrator as well as their significant other.

It gives birth to betrayal, deceit, mistrust, and regret. It sows the seeds of doubt which grow and become a deep-rooted tree which only bears heartache. Although physical adultery is the most commonly talked about, it should be noted that it is not the only kind. Emotional adultery is also a type of adultery and is as severe as physical adultery.

Let’s discuss emotional adultery, its effects and strategies that can help in overcoming emotional trauma of adultery.

What is emotional adultery?

Emotional adultery refers to the act of harboring romantic feelings for someone who is not your spouse. It is the pretext to physical intimacy which is centered on sexual intimacy. Usually, such relationships are kept in the dark.

Some common behaviors that are considered as emotional adultery include sending inappropriate texts, flirting, lying to your spouse and other such activities.

Is an emotional affair adultery?

Is an emotional affair considered adultery? In the simplest of terms, yes it is. It can be considered adultery both in legal terms and by the moral code as well. Why? Because an emotional affair, although, may seem harmless, it is the first step to betrayal.

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In fact, if you are emotionally invested in anyone but your partner you have already betrayed them. Often people who are involved with an emotional partner tend to disregard their married partners. They tend to share important details with the ones they are involved with rather than sharing them with their significant others.

As it was previously established marriage is based on trust and faith. All the behaviors associated with an emotional affair are a breach of that trust. Therefore, the simple answer to the question “is an emotional affair adultery?” is yes.

The trauma of emotional adultery

As it was previously mentioned emotional adultery is as severe as its physical counterpart. All the negative emotions that go hand in hand the trauma of physical adultery are also present in its emotional counterpart.

Needless to say, accepting the fact that your husband or wife is romantically involved with someone else is not easy to overcome. The first emotion one is likely to experience after learning of an emotional affair is shock followed by disbelief. Questions like “why would they do this?” are bound to plague the conscious.

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The second wave only makes things worse. It brings an onset of sadness, regret, and heartache.

Overcoming emotional trauma of adultery

Overcoming emotional trauma of adultery can be a daunting task. The trauma inflicted by emotional adultery can have a lasting effect. However, the longer one lets such emotions, the more dangerous they become. There are many different strategies that can help cope with trauma.

Accepting the situation

This is very essential for your wellbeing. Don’t try to bottle your feelings up. This will be of no help at all. Accepting your emotional state does not make you weak. In fact, it only makes you tenfold stronger as the only way from here is up.

Professional help

The best way to go is to get professional help. Overcoming emotional trauma of adultery is not something one should go through alone. And a professional counsellor will be able to guide you in a better way. Moreover, there is no shame in getting professional help. You should not compromise your emotional wellbeing.

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Talk it over

Another great way to deal with the situation is to talk it over with your partner. It is important to get some closure. You have a right to ask questions and know the whole truth. This is essential in overcoming the emotional trauma of adultery.

Give yourself some time

Pretending to be okay or forcing yourself not to feel certain emotions is a very unhealthy practice. Take your time. Give yourself some space and try to figure out your emotions by yourself. Think about the situation. Sorting out your emotions is a good way to put your internal turmoil to rest.

All in all, adultery is an extremely immoral act. It leaves a lasting scar on the person who is being cheated on. Moreover, it stains one of the most sacred relationships that two humans could share. However, one should not be held down by it. One should always look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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By Sanjay Goswami